Day: July 7, 2019

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Often enter the arena the body that physical training can invite us becomes more healthy, but athletic project is to a lot of is plant, among them shot is a the commonnest kind, the can very good Ga that promotes us1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiThe force of arm, and return can very good improvement constitution, but the person that undertakes in the life shot moves is not particularly much, what to shot motion understands is exceedingly little, next shot understand together below about multipleForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an area.

Shot about multiple

Man of shot junior high school 4 kilograms, woman 3 kilograms, high school man 5 kilograms, woman 4 kilograms.

Regular game (the Olympic Games) man 7.26 kilograms (the weight of artillery shell of period of ancient Rome war is 7.26, the power that turns artillery shell to train a soldier just evolves into today’s shot match) slowly, the woman is 5 kilograms (large and regular game, like the Olympic Games)

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Behavioral essentials

Grasp the ball is mixed holding

★ grasps the finger nature of ball hand to part, point to what the ball puts in forefinger, middle finger and ring finger on the root, thumb and little finger support the two side in the ball (graph) , in order to prevent the slide and facilitates control gives a ball direction of the ball. The centre of the palm does not hit a ball.

After ★ gra[……]

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