Day: June 12, 2019

2K: ” derelict ground 3 ” will store of regain Epic game

Eurogamer of the intermediary outside occupying reports, before this, sell cancel in the activity and next wearing especially from Epic store ” derelict ground 3 ” , will return to Epic store afresh. Issue business 2K to express, ” derelict ground 3 ” will wear on Epic store afresh, the from the purchase in advance in selling an activity especially player before this is insusceptible. It is 2K is aimed at to Eurogamer below ” derelict ground 3 ” reply from what wear below Epic store: We are in with Epic clasp, temporary will ” derelict ground 3 ” move from inside their shop page except. We expect ” derelict ground 3 ” very fast can go up afresh in Epic game store frame. Players buy in selling an activity especially ” derelict ground 3 ” will insusceptible. Before, we once had reported, epic store open sell an activity especially, full 14.99 knives game all derate 10 knives. But subsequently ” bloodsucker: Avoid the world is akin 2 ” and ” anoxic ” these two game announce not to enter this activity, fall from Epic temporarily frame. Last week 6, ” derelict ground 3 ” what also announce not to participate in Epic is special sell an activity. In addition the issue that Yo green jade also combines because of Uplay and Epic system, bring about game of all Yo green jade to fall frame. But, the expression that 2K did not make clear ” derelict ground 3 ” go up afresh the time that wears Epic game store, also did not explain ” derelict ground 3 ” why to attend to sell an activity espe[……]

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” mission call 16 ” battle task exposure is brutal and real warlike situation

Recently, intermediary Charlieintel suffers outside move inspect before inviting, undertake visiting mixing toward Infinity Ward amuse oneself, during this, they experienced ” mission call 16: Modern war ” battle task plays a way, it is specific details content below (may involve drama to appear, still watch carefully please) . Intermediary Charlieintel is in outside the gut battle job that during looking around this, experienced two kinds differ, these tasks let their experience arrive in the war more the sense of reality of massiness, also favour comprehends ” mission call 16: Modern war ” the unique part on gut design. These two tasks are respectively: “London / task of seal commando assault ” and ” flashback task ” . London / set of this task setting is task of seal commando assault the London area August 2019 (the sense of reality to assure game, developer specially maintains game time and real world consistent) , the task begins the street of this city to fight. Stand by to carry suspicious-lookingly when an England police when providing, two people walked suddenly from the car, this police calls them immediately, let them do not want take reckless action. And stand by that to carry gradually when them when providing, carry be started suddenly and produced big burst. Back-to-back, camera lens arrives with respect to switch hereon second assault and charger are specific in the prewar conference setting of conceal position, next the picture turns, appear in the player bef[……]

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