Day: June 10, 2019

Foreign shopkeeper exposure ” UPPERS ” date of put on sale will on July 14

 On April 21, 2016 of put on sale ” UPPERS ” had adjourned certainly before this, the government did not publish the day of put on sale after delay at that time.

 A few days ago the report of the intermediary outside the basis, page of foreign shopkeeper product disclosed the day of new put on sale that makes originally, this page shows this to be made newly will on July 14, 2016 put on sale. Current of course the day of new put on sale that the government still publishs game not formally. This making will land PSV platform.

 ” UPPPERS ” it is for the biggest recreational with tussle force Gu island is arena, the desire that tells about the men that are full of all sorts of feeling to abiding by his has the story of the battle. Besides fundamental tussle, the woman also is one of targets of these men, the fist that uses oneself shows his actual strength to women, and be in of female people watch in tussle, can promote a battle capability more.


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