Day: May 14, 2019

[water of ginger garlic rock candy] – of practice of _ of the _ water that boil

Article introduction

 Believe everybody should have understanding to cross water of ginger garlic rock candy this kind of thing, the effect that this kind of Shang Shui treats a cold to cough to us is best, and the assimilation that conduces to exciting intestines and stomach, so we should want to learn the way of water of ginger garlic rock candy. We boil water of ginger garlic rock candy to need to go to ginger cheating section, garlic flay is patted after coming loose, join a few water is boiled, it is OK to joining rock candy next drinkable.

Ginger garlic puts syrup on the ice

The magical garlic that boil water

Garlic color enters lung in vain, sexual flavour laborious is lukewarm, most the wind evil that be apt to divides lobar classics. Cause cure accompanies the cough with urticant pharynx to often have surprise effect! Its usage is as follows, all somewhat check, choose one can!

Method one:

The simplest is to buy pare a garlic, contain in the mouth, when nibble, garlic flavour, swallow slowly, one contains a hour, pharynx is urticant stand decrease, cough can heal.

Method 2:

Take garlic ten valve, pound slimy shape to be put into the cup, add rock candy right amount, withForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiBoiled water develops bubble, lukewarm take when tea drink, daily 1, cough is serious person daily 2, this just is had relieve a cough quickly expectorant specially good effect.

Method 3:

Evaporate garlic water: The child coughs garlic 2-3 piece is used when ast[……]

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[what is the distinction of cock flesh and mother chicken? ] – of difference of _ difference _

Article introduction

At ordinary times when everybody is eating chicken, won’t consider commonly is cock flesh or mother chicken, actually, cock flesh and mother chicken still have a few differences, cite a case, the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness and postpartum female, family classics regular meeting stews hen soup to eat to them, because eat mother chicken broth to have very good filling empty effect, additional grandfather chicken has filling kidney to raise a lot of effect such as blood, a few differentia of cock flesh and mother chicken introduce below.

What is the distinction of cock flesh and mother chicken?

Cock flesh and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touchThe distinction of hen flesh:

Like to eat chicken very much, the nutrient value of chicken: Chicken and pork, beef is compared, its protein content is higher, adipose content is inferior. In addition, human body is contained a lot ofin chicken protein must amino acid, the pattern of amino acid chart in its content and egg breast is very similar, skin of place, belt mixes the protein content basis of chicken not to take a skin and have a difference, from tall after all flesh of the chicken that sort is flay roughly, chest, thigh meat. The fat with chicken skin much existence kind material, so eat chicken to have contraindication fairShanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble babyChicken and mother chicken which more nutrition.

What is the distinction of cock flesh and mother chicken?

Measure / method:

1, friends must understand cock sex to belong to this world, lukewarm filling action is stronger,[……]

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